Sometimes, even after having a great site design and products, your eCommerce website might not be discovered. This is where SEO is helpful, and in order to have a complete SEO process, backlinks are necessary.

Link building is by far the most essential part of SEO. Yes, you’d need to do a lot of linking to move up the ranks. However, if you do it correctly, you can see great benefits. A great deal depends on the content and links of your site, so make sure that they are perfect before you move on to blogger outreach or guest posting.

One way of attracting traffic to your website is to ensure that you provide value to your visitors. Even for an eCommerce site, you’d need to provide some added value for people to visit your blog. And when it comes to backlink building, you need to have a strategy in place. Here are some ideas that you can implement for building authority for your site.

Visual Content Helps

How much time do you spend skimming through articles? Not much. The attention span of adults is less compared to kids. Moreover, adults get easily distracted. So, if you want to grab attention, use some visual content for your link building efforts. Infographics are a great way to explain your ideas. Moreover, whiteboard animation videos or even normal videos can also get your point across easily.

Listicles or List-based Posts

When you are posting on someone else’s site, not always will you get a chance to post infographics. This is where list based posts come in handy. They can be a numbered list of top things.

List-based posts increase conversion on your site because they add value in digestible chunks. Add to it the fact that lists contain pictures, and you’d have a post that has both value and visual content.

Research-Based Posts and Guides

Everyone loves a how-to-guide to help them understand a tough concept. Moreover, when you add in facts and figures, from industry experts, people tend to believe it and bookmark it for later use. When you provide your visitors with a solution, you’d be their expert for that topic, and that adds huge value to your site. You can even convert some of these visitors to your customers based on your upselling technique.

Reclaim Your Link

Whenever someone mentions your brand, they should link to your site. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and things are missing. So all you need to do is find your brand mentions, and get them to link to your site. This way, you’d get some link juice without doing the hard work – because, let’s face it, they’ve already mentioned your brand.

Reverse Image Search Works Wonders

Do you publish a lot of visual content or infographics? You can get credit for that, and it counts as a backlink. So, how do you find them? Select any one image and search for it on Google. Then ask them to link back to your site for credit.

Podcasts Are A Great Way For Links

Yes, guest posting services work great, but they are too congested. To get backlinks easily, you’d need some non – traditional methods of promoting. Moreover, guest posts take a lot of time to write. So, you can always use podcasts as an alternative method. All you need to do is show up and speak about something, and you’d get a link in return. Easy, right?

Follow Your Competitors

Well, when we say follow your competitors, it doesn’t mean literally. All you need to do is follow what they are doing, and be a step ahead of them. Moreover, you can also check out their backlinks and reach out to those sites. If one of your competitors has a sponsored post on a certain site, chances are they’d accept your post too.

Find Authority Sites

Not all backlinks cost you money. For some, all you need to do is provide good quality content. Guest blogging sites can be a great way to boost your rank. To find authority sites in your niche, search Google with any of the following phrases

  • “Keyword” + “write for us”
  • “Keyword” + “guest blog”
  • “Keyword” + “author”

Once you find a site, reach out to them and provide them with shareable content. You’d have your backlink easily.

Blog Comments

This is a technique that is quite old but still works. In this process, you go to high-ranking blogs and comment on their posts, leaving a backlink. Most of the backlinks obtained this way are no follow but adds credibility to your site.

The same is the case with forum links, where you can add links to your profile or to your posts. However, the links in a forum are easier to obtain and at times more relevant compared to blogs in your niche. Make sure you offer value in your posts as when you spam forums, people won’t visit your link.

Offer a Pro Bono Product or Service


If you are selling a product, or have a service, you can always exchange it for a good cause, and then ask for a backlink. However, be polite and subtle about it, especially if you are helping charities.

Highlight A Service Or Product

Ever heard of the ‘Poster Boy’ method? Well, in this method, you speak about a service or product you are satisfied with. And guess what, everyone loves to hear about how good they are, or have happy client testimonials. So, when they find someone speaking about them, they’ll link back to your site, with your testimonial. And voila! You have a backlink, which didn’t cost you anything, and with almost no effort.

Leverage Social Media

Your social media profiles help you create brand awareness. So, if you are not making use of that, you are losing out. You can make use of several platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and definitely Reddit. Reddit offers you with a steady stream of traffic if you promote it correctly. Moreover, you can easily create multiple accounts on Reddit, and with the same email account.

All you need to keep in mind with Reddit is that you submit content on the proper subreddit. With proper placement, you’d be able to even land on the homepage and gain massive traffic to your site. One more secret – Reddit comments are indexed by both Google and Bing, so, you can get on top pretty fast.

Another platform that you should use is Quora. With proper, well-framed answers, you will be able to become popular and drive traffic to your website easily.

Final Words

Link building is a continuous process. With new SEO tactics being implemented daily, backlinking has also evolved over time. However, some tried and tested method still works, and you need to check what works for your brand. This list of strategies for backlinking can definitely help you gather links for your eCommerce site. You can treat this as your starting point and improvise from here.

Do you know of any other methods that have worked? Let us know in the comments. If you have any questions about backlinking, feel free to reach out to us. Our team of experts is always available to help you out! Should you need any help with building links, you can contact us.