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We’ll create custom tailored logo specifically for your company.

Why Branding Matters?

The first thing most customers notice about your business is your logo. Therefore, you need a logo that immediately connects with your customers and those you are trying to offer your services or sell your goods to as the case may be.Your brand and logo give a hint about you as a company. If you take time to craft your company’s logo with distinct tones finely, it will embed itself subconsciously into your customers. As experts in these services, we spend quality time to develop your logo and brand. We work out which font, image, and color perfect for your identity as a company. We respect the trust of our client’s place in us whenever we develop their logo and identity as we treat each one with importance and commitment.

Branding and Logo Design Services

Here are the services we offer to our clients to ensure that their logo and brand are of quality and have an identity:

Brand Research

We intend to work closely with our clients to articulate the unique attributes of their businesses. By doing so, we will be able to understand your mission, capabilities, reputation, clients, and goals for their brands in the nearest future.We will help clients survey the visual identities of other competitors and provide inspirational imagery to get feedback. We will work together to discover your brand’s primary personality as it will help us set the direction for logo design and branding work.

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Logo Design

The logo is your company’s visual identity. After completing the brand research process and there’s a direction to work in, we will refine ideas and sketch up until we’ve come up with the best four to six logos for our clients to review.We will apply these concepts to mock products to test how they function in the real world. We save our client’s best design selection as any of these options JPEG, PDF, SVG, EPS, and PNG.These selected files are stored in the cloud for printing or web usage. We guarantee that you will have unrestricted usage of your logo. More so, we’ll keep the rights to display the said logo in our promotional material to reference past client work.

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Logo Versions

After a client chooses a particular logo from the available ones we’ve provided, we will deliverthe said logo in different versions. They will come in formats like a full-color, a black or greyscale version, a white version, and a high-resolution, detailed version.Also, there’s a logo version that will fit square designs and an excellent horizontal layout for the sake of social media and websites, respectively.

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Spec Sheet

Every company should have a printer spec sheet to list the specifications for the colors in your logo (Hex +CMYK). It’s used by print vendors and web developers to ensure that clients’ brand colors match across different applications.Speciation’s for logo colors and a secondary palette that helps to coordinate proper blending usually used to design materials. Once there’s a text in the logo, the logo font automatically becomes listed. 

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Naming Research

When creating a company, there is a need to come up with a name. People sometimes struggle with this, and they end up putting off a business they wanted as they cannot decide a name.We help our clients to take care of this problem and come up with an apt name that guarantees our client’s branding solution.Usually, we do the market research and come out with a list of 10 names or more with reasons as to why we feel they are fit for a particular brand.

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Brand Identity

Branding is beyond just a logo and name. Instead, it is the general identity of the brand itself. We help to create branding boards, hash our branding ideas, and complete a branding folder with custom patterns, graphics shapes, lines, and other elements to our clients.

We further apply these to other few mocked up products to illustrate its usage. Then we create a style guide spec sheet to explain how our clients can adequately use these elements on the web or for printing. For easy access by printers and designers, we store them in the cloud.

Business Card

We offer the service of mocking up business card designs precisely two or three for our client’s review. Features of these cards will include the company’s current logo design, contact information, social media, job title, and so on.


The company’s letterhead will contain a company logo, contact information, tag line, and any other information. We will make up to two letterheads version for our clients to make a choice that suits them most. 

Social Media

We will create up to three social media platforms for our clients based on their choices. All services, settings, business details, admin rights, and so on is visible up to our client’s account.

We will also create images for each of the social media platforms, including the profile and heading images. For specific services listed on these social media accounts, we take care of those images.

Web Design

For any business to go online, it needs a website presence on Google. More so, every business needs an online presence to meet the needs of customers locally or globally.

Usually, we include a basic web design with up to six pages in the package, including e-commerce as well as ten products in the store.

Also, we will handle the registration of the URLS, managing, and hosting of services from year to year. However, we charge for these services even though it’s annually.

Strategic branding that tells your story

Our experienced design teams love to work with different companies to develop the perfect logo and branding that reflects the company’s goals, culture, and values.

The perfect logo sends an emotional message to your viewer, telling him or her about your company and the products available.

We are here to help you create a visual identity for your company that sends a message to your clients and leaves a lasting impression on them.

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